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Excerpt from Dr Ebele Ugochukwu's Column on If you haven't been following the "Love your skin with Dr Ebele Ugochukwu on Bella naija, here is an opportunity to.
Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It performs many functions the most obvious being Aesthetics.
Can you imagine if we were all walking around with our muscles, tendons, veins, arteries and nerves in plain view? Aaargh…….My sentiments exactly!!
God in his infinite wisdom gave us our skin to beautifully enclose His wondrous creation. The skin like all our other organs needs water to perform all its functions optimally.
In the course of my business, I have had many clients who admit they do not drink water. I even had a fellow doctor saying to me that all the fluids we drink vis a vis; juice, soft drinks etc. contain the water we need. I was astonished this was coming from a medical person. Nothing can replace drinking plain water (preferably at room temperature) for the optimal functioning of the body at the cellular level.
Is it possible to have good skin in the presence of dehydrated cells? Absolutely not!
Dehydrated cells are fragile, disfigured and will obviously not function optimally.
YOU CANNOT HAVE GREAT SKIN IF YOU DON’T DRINK ENOUGH WATER!! I put this in capital letters because I cannot overemphasize this enough. A minimum of 8 glasses a day or two large swan water bottles (1.5L each). I know two bottles may be difficult for those who are just starting to drink water daily but the key is to start small and slowly build up to two or more bottles daily.
Skin and Water
Water is essential for toxin removal in the body.
Lack of water Intake is akin to a house with backed up plumping. We all know what happens when you cannot flush away waste in your toilet…just imagine the same in your body, the more you water the better the body flushes out toxins and waste thus allowing your true radiant skin to shine forth.
As you become effective in hydrating yourself internally, it is also great to hydrate your face externally in the form of steam.
Steaming is very good for your face, you can achieve this by getting regular facials or buying a personal face steamer. You could even just boil hot water but in a bowl and bend over with a towel covering your head and upper back.
The water in the steam hydrates your face while the hotness of the steam will cause your pores to open and release trapped dirt and detritus.
There is a network of small blood vessels under the skin called capillaries, the flow in these capillaries is not always optimal due to many physiological reasons so activities (exercise, steaming/sauna, massage) that cause them to flow better is advantageous to the end organ supplied by the capillary network.
When the steam hits your face, the body tries to regulate the increased temperature by opening up the blood vessels and increasing flow to the capillaries so the body is kept cool by the process of evaporation. As this increased blood flow under skin occurs, it brings more oxygen and nutrients to the skin surface while removing toxins and waste chemicals as it flows back to the heart through the venous system.
All the above causes your face to become smoother, clearer and more radiant. If you steam at least twice a week you will also notice a lightening of your complexion.
The value of water in a proper skin regimen is impossible to quantify. If it is not already a habit with you please get drinking and get steaming!
Till next month, continue to put your best face forward.

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