Monday, 29 June 2015


This year's BET Awards, marked its 15th anniversary on Sunday night (June 28) at Los Angeles’ Microsoft Theater. 
The Moments we loved at the BET were the couple's moment, the comeback / reunion performance by Diddy's bad boy records, the Empire's stars performance, and the tribute to Janet Jackson and Smokey Robinson.

Diddy, Faith Evans,Mase and other members from Bad boy records*Dope Come back performance*

The Performance by the Empire stars, their performance earned them a standing ovation, the performed "No apologies, You are so beautiful & Drip drop *Awesome perfomance*
                             Mikky & Nikkys Performance together * they are in love*
                Chris Brown's Raunchy Performance
                                                 Janelle Monae's perfomance.

             Tinashe, Ciara & Jason durelo's performance for Janet Jackson



Rihanna and her Tape
The Host Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson
These were the moments that captivated us. if you missed it, you missed a 3 hour event of fun and awesomeness.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


What is Exfoliation? How Important is Exfoliation? At what age can one Start Exfoliating? These are questions everyone interested in having Flawless Skin should think about and have answers to.

EXFOLIATION; This is simply a process of removing the top layers of your skin. Our skin is constantly renewing itself with the production of new cells to replace old and damaged cells. If you do not effectively remove the layers of old cells, your face begins to look tired, old, dull, with dark patches and blemishes. Effective Exfoliation involves using a Scrub to thoroughly cleanse the face and then application of an exfoliating cream. Making this part of your routine will reveal youthful, smooth and even toned skin.

AT WHAT AGE CAN ONE START EXFOLIATING? As we get older we get darker and more exposed to harsh weather conditions like excessive exposure to sun and harmattan especially for women in the tropics. It is advisable to start exfoliating in your mid 20's depending on your skin condition. In your teenage years, you should only moisturize and avoid excessive exposure to sun.

HOW TO EXFOLIATE: SLEEK STUDIO SKINCARE RANGE consist of the Exfoliating and Lightening Range. On our post today, we would show you all our Exfoliating range and how to effectively use them. With our Exfoliating products, you can get the Mechanical and the Chemical method of exfoliation, just read through to see, learn and try.

COME CLEAN:  This product is effective in removing traces of dirts and makeup, the good thing about this product, is that it foams right out of the bottle. For effective result, Cleanse twice and use a soft sponge on the second cleanse, massaging all over the face in a circular motion. You know that moment when you are tired from work or a party, sure you don't want to sleep with makeup on, all you need is our Come Clean and you are good to sleep. *winks*. As the name implies, our come clean leaves you feeling Clean.

SCRUB AWAY MY TROUBLE : Our Scrub Away my Trouble as the name implies, is a rich Scrub made with natural sea salt granules. The sea salt granules provides a mild abrasive effect allowing you scrub away layers of dead skin cells. This method is a mechanical way of exfoliation, after cleansing your face with Our Come Clean as stated above, pat your face dry then apply the scrub and start massaging gently, gradually add water to melt away the particles, then rinse thoroughly. Use the Scrub 3 times in a week for one month to get best possible result. This product is effective for Acne sufferers.  

PROTECT ME RESTORE ME: This is our Shield from the harsh effect of the sun, as the name goes "Protect me Restore me" Protects and moisturizes the Skin, It is a protective day cream with an SPF of 30 (Sun Protection factor of 30) for maximum protection. Use this product in the morning immediately after cleansing and before applying your makeup. This product is very important if you dont want to suffer from sunburn or if you want an even toned moisturized complexion.

NEU SKIN REVEAL: This is an effective Night cream containing alpha hydroxy acids. This is a form of Chemical exfoliation, where the lotion acts by lifting upper layers of the skin to reveal new fresh skin. This product should be applied every night for at least 6 weeks for effective result. 

NEU SKIN REVEAL MORE: This is our serum from our exfoliating range, it contains more concentrated amounts of alpha hydroxy acids to remove even more layers of dead skin and cells. It potentiates the action of Neu Skin reveal. This product is best used at night, it can be used alongside the Scrub away my trouble, instead of adding water initially to melt the particles from the scrub, you can use this serum.

Now you know how to Exfoliate, lets bring our skin back to life. #SstudioInspired
To remove Top layer of dead skin, even out your complexion, prevent acne and spot, Sleek Nigeria Skincare Range is here to help. You can order for these products online from or visit our luxurious studio at 141 Ahmadu Bello Way Victoria Island Lagos. #SstudioInspired
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Monday, 22 June 2015


Hi everyone hope you all had a great weekend! It was fun fun fun for us at Sleek Studio and everyone who attended the 4th edition of the Lagos Makeup Fair that took place yesterday at The Classique Event Center Oregun Lagos. The event was powered by POPs Concept and it saw alot of sponsors. The Sleek Studio Stand was exotic and had alot of Fab customers, freebies and giveaways.

Sleek Studio Stand at the 4th edition of the Lagos Makeup Fair

 And the Shopping Started, Customers couldn't just get enough of our products



And the runway is set!
The highlight of the event was the Makeup runway Sponsored by Makeup Revolution ng and we saw the likes of makeup artist like Davesucre, Jide of stola, nsurebeauty and lots of other makeup artist. All the makeup artist whose model and work of art graced the runway, received goodie bags filled with makeup from Makeup revolution ng

Look by Dave Sucre

Look by Jide of stola

look by @nsurebeauty- ramadan inspired

And the fun continued at Sleek Studio stand.