Tuesday, 24 November 2015


This year can be recorded as a successful year in the fashion industry, with lots of Award nights to wrap up the year, there are lots of trends on the red carpet and the one we are loving at SLEEK STUDIO NIGERIA is the Sheer Lace dress.
Here is our SLEEK top 5 Sheer Lace dress on the celebrities we love:

Form-fitting: The host's dazzling dress featured sheer skirt and flowing, silver train and bodice 

All smiles:  The host  later changed into two revealing golden gowns
46 year old J.LO stuns in 10 different outfits as she hosts the 2015 America Music Awards, yes 2 0f her Mesh Sheer dresses made it to the top for Us!

Jada Pinket Smith is one lovely hot Wifey and Mum, she rocked this outfit to the 2015 Concussion Premiere that took place yesterday night in L.A

We know future is wishing he still got this hottie! We love the colour black and she rocked this sheer so well, leaving little to the imagination of all! At the 2015 AMA

Chiano Sky
Chiano Sky at the SA 2015 style Awards

One thing we noticed from this trend, is that it was rocked in all the award nights within the space of 1 week. Will you rock this Sheer Dress Trend? Do you agree with our list?

Tuesday, 17 November 2015


Hi people, We at Sleek studio Nigeria will like to Share 5 easy tips to Flawless and Beautiful Skin this Season and always.
The Skin as we all know is the largest organ of the body and as such, proper care should be given to maintain it, keep it hydrated, fit, healthy and glowing.
Here are some tips to achieving good skin.

SLEEP- Sleep is an important aspect of healthy living, it helps the body recover from stress, hence preventing dull skin, bags under the eyes and it helps blood circulation.

EAT WELL - Good food especially vegetables and fruits contains essential Vitamins and Minerals and antioxidants which helps fight infection and gives your skin natural glow.

TAKE LOTS OF WATER- Water contains oxygen which helps keep the body hydrated, flushes toxins from the body system and keeps the skin glowing, this is one of the most effective, cheapest and natural way to healthy skin. So drink lots of water.

EXERCISE - Exercise is necessary for general well being, it keeps you healthy, fit and slows aging process.

HAVE A SKINCARE ROUTINE - This part is where I like to lay emphasis on, this part involves the physical practices such as the type of product we use, the content of the product, how we clean and care for our skin during and after the day's activity. I will break this part into key notes:

  • Avoid the harsh rays of the Sun, if you must go under the sun, wear your hat or your sunshade and use Sunscreen protection (S.studio Protect Me Restore Me with an spf of 30), a tested and trusted skincare product such as the S.STUDIO SKINCARE RANGE.
  •  Avoid touching and pinching your face with dirty hands.
  • Wash your makeup brushes and keep them safe to prevent bacteria from breeding.
  • Exfoliate 2 - 3 times a week with the right Skincare product such as S.STUDIO SKINCARE.
  • Moisturize daily.
Skin type should dictate the products you use on your skin, in order to take care of your skin, you have to understand it. Avoid being a lab rat by testing all skincare products available, findout what works for you. S.STUDIO SKINCARE RANGE IS SPECIALLY FORMULATED FOR PEOPLE OF COLOUR, SO YOU CANT GO WRONG WITH IT. 
For questions, inquiries, facial treatment and skincare consultation you can visit our Studio - Sleek Studio Nigeria located at 141 Ahmadu Bello Way VI Lagos Nigeria. Our CEO who is a medical doctor and a dermatologist is here to help.